VR4 Elektra


VR4 Elektra is a flow-pack machine with a compact design, flexible and easy to manage.

Predisposed on wheels, it can be easily moved and placed in places where space is limited.

Its adaptability in terms of product format makes it suitable for situations where versatility in product dimensions is required.

It is able to work with a wide variety of heat sealable packaging materials, including recyclable, biodegradable and compostable ones that the market demands with a view to environmental sustainability.

Its easy-to-understand touch screen control and the simple controls for format changeover make it an effective tool even for those who are not experts in the use of machines.

All these advantages make the VR4 Elektra the ideal solution for those who are new to flow-pack packaging and in general for medium-low productions.

VR4 Elektra is also available in a version with integrated automatic loader (model VR4 Sprinter). This version is the ideal solution for feeding from filling and loading solutions as well as for connection to automatic dosing systems and, in general, to automate, complete and optimize the packaging process.


  • Removable product pusher for quick changeovers.
  • Storable bag length and pusher head-cutter  phase for quick and easy format changeovers.
  • Stop in phase, avoids overheating of the film in case of prolonged stop, preserving the seals.
  • Immediate jaw retraction in case of jamming, facilitates product evacuation and preserves the head mechanics.
  • Jaw release with push button, for precise and efficient resetting in the event of entrapment.
  • Universal film forming tunnel, to adapt to any format, allowing the width and height of the bag to be adjusted on demand.
  • Self-centring reel holder, regardless of the reel width used, the film is always centred without the need for any adjustment.
  • Progressive reel brake, as the film reel is consumed, the brake is automatically changed so that the operator does not have to worry about it.
  • Control panel with colour touch screen, allowing quick format changeover and intuitive management of all the machine setting  options.
  • Three pairs of sealing wheels guarantee a better result in longitudinal bag sealing.
  • Instantaneous speed reducer, to facilitate machine operation in situations that require lower packaging speed and optimise times.
  • Preventive maintenance warnings, to warn of the appropriate moment for an overhaul.


VR4 Elektra can be customised with multiple accessories to increase efficiency based on customer needs and/or product requirements.

Some of the accessories are:

  • Stop no Film, stops the machine automatically if the film reel runs out.
  • Photo-eye system for registered film, allowing the use of films printed with marks to centre the design on the product.
  • Second reel holder, to have a reel of the same size or of another format readily available, speeding up replacement.
  • Extension of the infeed conveyor, in order to obtain more space in the loading area to accommodate more operators and thus achieve a higher speed.
  • Printers/Markers, to print information such as batch number, production/expiration date or barcodes and images directly onto the film in real time.
  • Labellers, to apply and print labels on the finished pack or directly on the film before bag forming.
  • Rotary table, placed at the exit of the flow-wrapper, receives the already packaged products to facilitate successive packaging operations.
  • Inverse version, with product loading from left to right to adapt to the available space or to integrated production lines.
  • Stop no product, temporarily stops the machine when product has not been loaded on the in-feed conveyor
SPEED METERS/MINUTE: 20 mt/min., (100 cycles/min.) Multi-axle transmission










Universal tunnel.



Internal diameter 60-110mm.

Max external diameter 350mm.

Max. Weight 35kg

MACHINE WEIGHT: 450kg (650kg for VR 4 Sprinter)  
PACKAGING MATERIAL: Bi-oriented polypropylene (BOPP), biodegradable and compostable polylactic acid polyester (PLA), fully breathable paper, transparent cellulose and various multilayer complexes.
ELECTRICAL INSTALLATION: Single phase 220V. 50/60hZ.

Max. consumption: 2,5Kw.

COLOUR AND TREATMENTS: Metallic grey colour. Epoxy type oven painted with long durability and totally compatible with foodstuffs. The metal treatments are high resistance electrolytes.