RGDMAPE has been offering its customers custom packaging solutions for their products, with the aim of making the outcome as effective and appealing as possible. In this endeavor, we never forget to minimize the investment required while maximizing productivity.

What is important to our clients is equally important to us, and with this in mind, all our departments are focused on providing the best solutions: the easiest, fastest, and most flexible ones.

However, we don’t stop at just offering the best technology; we also analyze space limitations and any other difficulties our clients may encounter when incorporating a packaging machine into their production process.

We have extensive experience in integrating our machines into automated feeding systems, weighing, printing, label application, and other peripheral systems available in the market.

Our work begins with studying the dimensions and characteristics of the product and ends with real viability tests using the most suitable consumables for each product. We also provide support in choosing the appropriate packaging material for both new projects and improvements to existing ones.

Our slogan “dress your product” sums up our philosophy and our commitment to “dress your product” impeccably for our clients.


Our Aftersales Service starts from the moment we provide training to our customers in the operation and handling of our machines, ensuring correct installation and placement for optimal performance.

Subsequently, we monitor their operation, indicating the maintenance required for the machine and advising the client on the appropriate timing for it. To achieve this, we supply the necessary spare parts. Our goal is to offer spare parts for our machines for a much longer period than required by law, even being able to adapt and replace components that become obsolete with new ones when they are no longer manufactured. In this regard, we can proudly say that some of our machines are still functioning after 30 years.

We provide guidance to our customers on recommended actions to ensure the machine functions optimally and how to perform simple routine maintenance operations. However, if they prefer, we offer an ATA (Advance Technical Assistance) service whose objective is to address and resolve any issues that may arise with the machine, both before they occur and after they have occurred.

The training on machine operation, whether conducted directly by us at RGDMAPE or by our partners in different countries around the world, empowers the customer to keep their production running smoothly without interruptions and enables them to detect and resolve many errors in handling themselves.

We also have a Remote Assistance service, which greatly expedites and reduces the cost of any intervention or software updates for the machines, and the option of Technical Support via phone every day of the year, whenever the issue allows it.