VR6 Sprinter is a flow-pack machine incorporating a high-performance, efficient, and compact automatic infeed system for packaging products in trays or with a stable flat base.

It features a compact loading system that does not require buffering, allows for high productivity, and a significant reduction in space simultaneously.

Thanks to the automatic feeding system, the machine can produce very high outputs that are unattainable with manual feeding. You can easily connect to weighing and check weighing systems to build a highly efficient automatic packaging line.

It allows very high packaging yields while minimizing the need for operators in the case of its integration with weighing stations and conveyor belts from the production or product handling areas.

The VR6 Sprinter works well with various packaging materials, including recyclable, biodegradable, compostable, and paper films that the market demands for environmental sustainability.


  • A total length of just under 5,100 mm: for a minimal footprint despite high performance.
  • 4 axes driven by servo-motors for precise and punctual movements, starts and stops.
  • Automatic feeding synchronism control by a single belt and a photocell, excellentproductionflowmanagement with minimal elements.
  • No product No bag: avoids making empty bags, putting the machine on standby for the conveyor to deliver the product with immediate restart when available.
  • Unwinding film system , facilitates dragging, achieving greater welding performance
  • Accompanying rollers in the head-cutter  make it easier to pass the product through the sealing jaws, avoiding jolts and possible product spillage.
  • Removable pushers, for quick replacement and/or format change.
  • Storable bag length and  pusher head-cutter  phase for quick and easy format changeovers.
  • Speed can be memorised in each recipe, for easy format changeover.
  • Stop in phase, avoids overheating of the film in case of prolonged stop, preserving the seals.
  • Immediate jaw retraction in case of jamming, facilitates product evacuation and preserves the head mechanics.
  • Jaw release with push button, for precise and efficient resetting in the event of entrapment.
  • Universal forming tunnel, to adapt to any format, allowing the width and height of the bag to be adjusted on demand.
  • Self-centring reel holder, regardless of the reel width used, the film is always centred without the need for any adjustment.
  • Progressive reel brake, as the film reel is consumed, the brake is automatically changed so that the operator does not have to worry about it.
  • Control panel with colour touch screen, allows quick format changeover and intuitive management of all the machine parameterisation options.
  • Real-time diagnostics, displaying the machine’s operating status on the screen, to quickly locate any anomalies.
  • Three pairs of sealing wheelsguarantee a better result in longitudinal bag welding.
  • Instantaneous speed reducer, to facilitate machine operation in situations that require lower packaging speed and optimise times.
  • Storable temperatures for each recipe, to facilitate and make format changeover even faster.
  • Preventive maintenance notice, to warn of the appropriate time for a check-up.


The VR6 Sprinter can be customised with multiple accessories to increase efficiency based on customer needs and/or product requirements.

Some of the accessories are:

  • Automatic speed measuring device of the infeed conveyors, detecting the speed of the infeed conveyors, automatically regulates the maximum speed of the flow-pack.
  • Photo-eye system for registered film, allowing the use of films printed with marks to centre the design on the product.  It automatically calculates the bag length without the need to be indicated by the operator.
  • Second reel holder, for easy availability of a reel of the same size or a different format, speeding up replacement.
  • Automatic reel changeover with film auto splicing ,allowing work to continue without interruption due to the termination of a film reel, achieving maximum efficiency.
  • Stop no film, stops the machine automatically in case the film reel runs out.
  • Printers/Markers, to print information such as batch number, production/expiration date or barcodes and images directly on the film in real time.
  • Labellers, toapply or print labels on the finished pack or directly on the film before forming.
  • Accumulation rotary table, placed at the exit of the flow-pack, receives the products already packaged to facilitate successive packaging operations.
  • Reverse version, with product loading from left to right to adapt to the available space or to integrated production lines.
  • Other peripherals: Checkweighers before or after, Metal detectors, Selector counter, etc.
SPEED METERS/MINUTE: 30 mt/min.,(120 cycles/min.) Multi-axle transmission










Universal tunnel.





Internal diameter 60-110mm.

Max external diameter 350mm.

Max. Weight 35kg

PACKAGING MATERIAL: Bi-oriented polypropylene (BOPP), biodegradable and compostable polylactic acid polyester (PLA), fully breathable paper, transparent cellulose and various multilayer complexes.
ELECTRICAL INSTALLATION: Single phase 220V. 50/60hZ.

Max. consumption: 2,5Kw.

COLOUR AND TREATMENTS: Grey colour with blue details. Epoxy type oven painted with long durability and totally compatible with foodstuffs. The metal treatments are high resistance electrolytes.