VR7 Box Millenium is a flow-pack machine with a transfer-type sealing system, bottom reel, and photo-eye system for product position detection and control. It is specifically designed to work with thermo-shrinkable polyolefin film. Its edge-cutting and sealing system allows for obtaining almost invisible seals. Combined with the heating tunnel, it will provide a “second skin” effect on the product.

Due to its characteristics, it is suitable for packaging products that are difficult to handle due to their shape, size, weight, or indeterminate length, as well as those with an uneven base. It can adapt to different applications and a vast range of product sizes.


  • Cut to edge welding: cutting and welding system to minimise visibility.
  • Transmission through 7 axes driven by independent inverters: for better management of each movement, achieving greater recipe optimisation and versatility.
  • Automatic product spacing: it adequately separates the products whether they are too close or too far apart.
  • No product No bag: avoids making empty bags, putting the machine on standby for the conveyor to deliver the product with immediate restart when available.
  • High resolution barrier type photocells allow precise detection of each product and its correct separation.
  • Stop in phase, avoids overheating of the film in case of prolonged stop, preserving the seals.
  • Jaw filter for misaligned product: prevents misaligned product from being caught by the welding jaws.
  • Universal film forming tunnel, to adapt to any format, allowing the bag width to be adjusted on demand.
  • Motorised reel holder: facilitates the dragging of very thin films, achieving greater sealing perfection.
  • Film perforator: Film perforator: With adjustable needles to regulate the airflow inside the bag and achieve an even adherence to the product during shrinking.
  • Residual film collector: Wraps the excess film after cutting and longitudinal sealing, resulting in a reel that is easy to extract.
  • Expandable reel support, simplifies and speeds up the positioning of the film reels.
  • Control panel with colour touch screen, for a quick and intuitive selection and change of formats (40 storable recipes).
  • Real-time check screens, automaton diagnostics and malfunctions. For a quick diagnosis of the machine status.
  • Memorable temperatures for each recipe, facilitates and speeds up the change of formats.
  • Preventive maintenance notice, to warn of the appropriate time for a check-up.
  • Speed can be memorised for each recipe, to facilitate format changeover.
  • Immediate jaw retraction in case of jamming, facilitates product evacuation and preserves the head mechanics.
  • Jaw release with push button, for precise and efficient resetting in the event of jamming.
  • Automatic sealing wheels opening, to avoid film damage due to overheating when the machine is in stand-by.


The VR7 Box Millenium can be customised with multiple accessories to increase efficiency based on customer needs and/or product requirements.

Some of the accessories are:

  • Stop no Film, stops the machine automatically if the film reel runs out.
  • Printers/Markers, to print directly on the film in real time, information such as batch number, production/expiration date or barcodes and images.
  • Labellers: to apply or print labels on the finished pack or directly on the film before forming. Rotary table: positioned at the exit of the flow-wrapper, it receives the products already packaged to facilitate successive packaging operations.
  • Retractable conveyor belts:  for automatically approaching product conveyor belts to prevent jamming with unevenly based products.
  • Automatic loaders, customised for each circumstance and need.
  • Other peripherals: weight controls before or after, metal detectors, selector counter, etc.
SPEED METERS/MINUTE: 20 mt/min., (50 cycles/min.) Multi-axle transmission





150 mm-unlimited.


10-170 mm.


Bag length adjusted to the product

Universal tunnel.




Internal diameter 70mm.

  Max external diameter 350mm.

 Max. Weight 35kg

ELECTRIC DATA: Single phase 220V. 50/60hZ.

Max. consumption: 2,5Kw.

COLOUR AND TREATMENTS: Metallic grey colour. Epoxy type oven painted with long durability and totally compatible with foodstuffs. The metal treatments are high resistance electrolytes..